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Hi Marc,
I finished your book over the weekend, it was easy to read and straight to the point. I'd like to thank you especially for the genuine representation of the skilled newcomer and your invaluable suggestions. I was certainly moved by the Raj character while reading the lines where he expressed his hopes before coming to Canada and the reality he found regardless of his qualifications and experience. I received my permanent residency only a few weeks ago as of May 1st, therefore I am at the very initial stage of my journey. However, based on many tips you have given I was happy to see I had been taking the right steps so far. All I need is patience, being humble and staying positive all along the way, after all, it only takes one yes for someone to prove themselves. Thanks again for acknowledging the challenges we face and helping with great advice.
Best Isil Kucukarslan


Just want to update you on my job hunt, and tell that after reading your book I've changed a lot in my search approach and already got a positive result, was invited on a couple of interviews and still trying to visit as many jobs fair as I can and contact with people through Linkedin. Thanks again for such a helpful book!

Misha Anikanov

It was a great pleasure to meet you at the job fair today. I enjoyed going through your book, and I can now consider it as a valuable gift and reference to whom looking for Job. The book contains all that is needed and shows a unique experience in the recruitment field.

Mohamad Mouafack Al Masri

I wanted to thank you for the book. It was an amazing read and I got many insights from the recruitment industry in Canada, which otherwise no one would have told me.

Chavi Gupta

Dear Mr. Belaiche,

I am humbled by your kind words and request to post my testimonial on the Tales from a Recruiter blog. The challenges that we go through to find the perfect job reflect the evolving needs of both job seekers and recruiters and the exceptional writing in Tales From The Recruiter distinguishes between the myths and the facts about matching our skills with the ideal career.

As we experience a social transformation of shifting demands in the workplace, we can have the reassurance of visionaries determined to equip the workforce with tools like Tales From The Recruiter to overcome the uncertainties and I will be thrilled to be part of the growing trend! If there is any additional information required to solidify the posting I will be happy to reaffirm the invaluable wealth of wisdom chronicled in the Tales From The Recruiter.

Thank you again for staying connected with the needs of job seekers while inspiring us to soar to new heights, I look forward to reading more work from you.

Truly yours,

Frank Nsubuga Mubiru


I read your book Tales from the Recruiter, and I must say it's an amazing read. I gives deep insights into a life and functions of a Recruiter. In addition, sharing amazing tips and guidance to people who are looking for new opportunities. It's an complete package, which everyone should read. I reached the job fair an hour early, just to grab a copy of your book. Thank You for writing such a wonderful book. I wish you good luck with all your future endeavors. Hope to meet you in person soon.  

Rohan Jumani


I read your book tales from the recruiter and found it very interesting and beneficial. I think you have done a great service to job seekers like me to understand the job search strategies and also how to grow in one's career. I appreciate it and thank you for this effort. Regards Waqas Munir


“Tales from the Recruiter” helped me to develop an accurate interaction in the interview process that lead to a job offer. The book is very easy to read, easy to understand and it is practical as well. It contains good tips for networking and templates to make the job search less stressful. 

Lorena Lopez


I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading your book, especially the chapters "I have no experience - What do I do?" and "How can I network if I don't know anyone?".  I loved your conversational style of writing which I think makes the book a lot exciting to be read. 

I hope you will keep writing and a lot of job seekers like me will benefit from them, like I did from this one. 


Pheba Varghese


Stumbling on “Tales from the Recruiter” by Marc Belaiche was a blessing in disguise.  Even though reading is something I enjoy, I am quite picky about what I read and this was definitely not my forte. But I decided to take a chance and it was the best decision I made since my arrival to Canada.

This book is a handy goldmine of information on how any one must approach their career.  The more I read, the more I realized that it is not just finding a good job and the book challenges every person to pursue their passion. The bonus is a few principles that will help anyone who wants to excel in their professional relationships. This book takes you through a journey of a few people who wants the best for themselves. I bet every reader will find themselves in the shoes of any of the characters in the book. Whether you are looking for a job change, exploring opportunities in a new market, trying to shift your career to the next level or even if you are currently in your ‘dream job’; this book is for you!
-          Mathew Thomas


I just wanted to reach out to let you know that I read your book and it has changed my attitude towards job search. The book is very interesting, informative and easy to understand. I loved it and will recommend it to every newcomer and fresh graduate I come across. The best part of the book was listing down the points which I want from my job. This had never crossed my mind and I will definitely work on it. I would suggest this to my contacts as well who are looking for their "perfect job". The appendices are very helpful too.

Dweep Mehta


I ordered Tales from the Recruiter when I first moved to the city of Toronto. I was having a difficult time adjusting to the big city and searching for a job. This book helped with various networking strategies and tactics to meet new people. When I landed my first job interview, I had to brush up on my interview skills, the tips provided in the book helped me through my interview process and helped me land a job in my industry. 

Amrita Labana


I have read your book "Tales from the Recruiter" and found some really very good tips. It is written in such a simple and ardent style that I could not stop reading it and want to read it again and again. It has enhanced my level of understanding the hiring process and it has specially boosted my level of confidence for the interview process.

Syed Raza


"Tales from a Recruiter is an asset to any careers library. It’s an easy read which breaks down the job search process from beginning to end. The book provides valuable tips to job seekers, shifting their perspective to understand the mind of a recruiter and thus being a more successful candidate. My 2 favourite parts of the book are the 3-pointers after each chapter, summarizing the key points and the glossary of terms found at the end. This is an ideal book for students, newcomers and those new to the job market. Highly recommended." 

Natasha Walli, Careers Officer
Department of Management
Innovation Complex, 2266KN
3359 Mississauga Rd. 
Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6 |Canada
Tel: 905-569-4917 


"I like your book very much. It has enterpreneurial spirit, informative, good advice to follow up and the most positive attitude to deal with the job searches. I would recommend it to everyone who is in the new stage for the career or continue to grow in the development for the future endeavour."

Lucy Dyeyeva

"I have read your book and really enjoyed it. The main reason was because the important points regarding networking, job searching and working on one's resume were explained through a story, in which the majority of people can relate to. For instance, when people reunite after being apart some time, they always catch up on what each of their friends are doing in their personal and professional lives. The book was an easy and interesting read that got all the points across in an easy manner. I especially enjoyed learning how networking was the most effective tool in finding a job and how it was shown throughout the book."

All the best!

Maria Zhukowsky

"This book is a must read for job seekers of all ages.  Get an insider’s look into the world of recruiting, and get empowered to find or create your dream job! I wish I'd read this book when I graduated almost 20 years ago.  Accessible, engaging and filled with lots of useful career advice.”

Liz Wilson-Ciconte,
Creative Writer, Metroland Digital

Communications Instructor, Adult Education, Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board

“I have had a chance of reading the book (signed by Mr. Marc himself! Thanks to Tony Gifford) and its delivery mode through a story format is very realistic, and makes a connection with readers. I found some common dilemmas with its characters, Ann, Carlos and Rajesh. The book is insightful and some of the parts I have already read have helped me establish guidelines as to how to project oneself as the most suitable candidate.”

Shalina Dadheech
Marketing and Outreach Assistant
Humber College Community Employment and Services

"This book is a great resource for me as I am actively looking for a new position in accounting while currently employed. I found this book as great resource for tips and information on how to advance my career, regardless of what my work situation is. This book is easy to read and it provides straight to the point tips. Now that I have finished reading the book I will be able to practically apply this book's suggestions to my own career.

Thank you one more time for such practical book."



"Thank you for the book. When reading it, I can easily find quite many interesting topics for job seekers like me. Reading the book is quite an interesting experience because the story is told from the recruiter's perspective. I think it would be quite helpful for my job searching." 

Matthew Meng


“I have had a chance of reading the book (signed by Mr. Marc himself! Thanks to Tony Gifford) and its delivery mode through a story format is very realistic, and makes a connection with readers. I found some common dilemmas with its characters, Ann, Carlos and Rajesh. The book is insightful and some of the parts I have already read have helped me establish guidelines as to how to project oneself as the most suitable candidate.”

Shalina Dadheech
Marketing and Outreach Assistant
Humber College Community Employment and Services HCES


"Hi Marc,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how truly inspirational your book 'Tales From The Recruiter' was to me.

Having over 20 years of Hospitality experience in hotels/restaurants/cruiselines/airlines/retail I decided to become a consultant/recruiter with a company here in Toronto a few months ago...I thought 'I'm a shoe in' as I've done it and understand the industry....well, I was warned from the start that its' not an easy start...and I'm learning that now!

No 2 days are the same, which I love...and its' not as easy as it sounds when you get into the placement side of it!

I am currently seeking out my own job orders, and I'll be honest...I was getting frustrated and wondering if I made a mistake leaving a good paying salaried job, which I was bored with.
As I still receive the daily Toronto Job emails, I saw the ad for your book...I thought why not...downloaded it on my Kobo, and from start to finish I couldn't stop reading ( I actually missed my subway stop the other day as I was so engrossed in it!). It truly inspired me and it really made me realize that I made a great career move!

I will be using it for reference again and again, and if I'm ever having a bad won't be far from me to remind me that Rome wasn't built in a Day ...

Thanks again,

If I'm ever at a Job Fair and you're there, I'll be sure to say a huge Hello and Thank You.

All the best Marc!"

Tim Shay
Hospitality Consultant


"Tales from the Recruiter" provides excellent information and tips about navigating your way through the job search and recruitment process in Canada. It's an engaging and interesting book that would surely be of interest to all job seekers. I recommend this book!"

Jamie Soo
HR Professional


"Attending the Friday, October 4th Toronto Jobs Fair, with a 'Parachute buddy' (someone in a similar jobless circumstance), we bought your book and I was to read it first. When I saw the endorsement by Colleen Clarke, who led us older workers into a better metaphysical space in time, circa 1997, how could I not start immediately?

What surprised me was the conversational tone and easy going style of the book's content. Somehow you conveyed those tough questions each person must ask oneself, and, ask of their prospective workplace in a non-threatening manner. It was the weekend and honestly, I could not put it down. Filled with specific details and up to date suggestions, by Monday, I had completely revamped my resume. The Monday after that, I met with an Ontario employment counsellor in Sault Ste Marie who critiqued my cover letter for a position your book made me believe I could have in Toronto !

Instilling self-confidence, optimism and courage to brave help from others are values I taught for a decade, as an English Second Language teacher, achieving success, certainly. Funny though, how it is harder and rare to take the same advice we dish out. Your professional perspective and almost happy, friendly literary tone of voice was motivational to say the least. Thank you for the book, and the work you do."

Toni Sutherland
Job Seeker


"I have read Tales From The Recruiter. There is a fantastic piece of information you provided in that book. Thanks for that."

Sandeep Singh Dhelwan


I just finished your book “Tales from the Recruiter”, which I really enjoyed reading. Lots of easy to follow tips although some of them will not be easy to implement! Thanks Chris the recruiter.

Lisa Blackburn


"This book is a great resource for people in various stages of their career. Whether one is actively looking or passively looking for a new position while currently employed, whether one is unemployed and looking or just new to Canada, they will find this book a great resource for tips and information on how to advance one's career, regardless of what one's work situation is. This easy to read book provides straight to the point tips while incorporating a story of characters at the same time, making the read interesting. With Marc being in the recruiting industry for many years, his advice is invaluable to any job seeker. I was able to practically apply this book's suggestions to my own career and I have found the tips to be effective. A really enjoyable read!:)"

Alexandra Berish
Recruitment Coordinator


"Tales from the Recruiter helped me in getting two student placement positions. From none to options and hope within a short period of time. For the job interviews, I read the book a week before to prepare myself and know things that i needed to do before hand. The night before I read it again to start thinking about the questions and in the morning on the subway I went through it again with answers to all the questions.

The preparation made me shock proof. I was not caught off guard and I was very prepared for the interview sessions. The way the book was written in story telling format helped me visualize the interview process. It's a great book and it is very much needed by job seekers to prepare them for the world. If I could get two placements within a short time, imagine the opportunities that would be available after using this book intentionally."

Abigail Yewande Oduneye
Administrative Assistant at Black CAP